This Never Happened

tnh 03

THIS NEVER HAPPENED is my third novel. Published in early 2017, my publisher (Endever Publishing Studios) has since folded, making the book no longer available.

I intend to either shop the story around for other publishers, or go the self-publishing route with the book.


Cepik Small doesn’t belong here. Around Coney Island, he’s known as “Epic” but his life could not be less so. And no matter how hard he tries, he can’t shake the feeling that he was born in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The cocktail of drugs he takes daily doesn’t help and the face-blindness from which he suffers only adds to his feeling of isolation.

In his dreams, Epic lives in the countryside with the girl he loves. In his dreams, Epic is the cherished son of proud and ever-present parents. In his dreams, Epic is everything he was meant to be. But nobody ever lives their dreams, do they?

Just as he begins seeing a new and unorthodox therapist, Epic also meets the bold and blithe Abigail Ayr. And when a novel found on the subway begins to strangely mirror events in his own life, the mysteries of Epic Small’s dreams quickly and uncontrollably begin to unravel.

Below are some thoughts and excerpts from TNH.

Author Interview/Book Promotion – Heather Eagar [May 2017]

TNH Review – Heather Eagar [April 2017]

TNH Review – Matt Wainwright [March 2017]

CHAPTER ONE [August 2015]

CHAPTER FOUR – Excerpt [February 2014]

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Post: “Novels Within Novels” [March 2014]

Post: “Character Names” [April 2014]

Post: “So This Happened” [August 2015]

Post: “Research” [August 2015]

Post: “Progress?” [October 2015]


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