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MOLT follows ISABELLE DONHELLE, an ornithology professor living in Boston. The story is told through the first-person narrative, as Isabelle explores her own past, questioning why she has always been afraid of change, and just how she’s come to find herself falling for a troubled student of hers. But TEMPLETON RATE is not really a student at Hawthorne University and the truth is that he has much bigger plans for Isabelle than she could ever suspect.

For reasons that are not quite selfish and not entirely altruistic, Templeton dreams of changing the world. As the mystery unravels, Isabelle will be faced with such obstacles as an affair with a co-worker, a house fire in Salem, an impromptu trip to Quebec, strange laboratory experiments, a murder investigation and hundreds of rare and exotic birds taking over the streets of Massachusetts before finally facing Templeton in a chilling finale on the rooftop of Boston’s Prudential Tower. And once there, Isabelle will finally realize that change, whether desired or not, is always more complicated after the fact.

Readers will enjoy a clever mix of suspense, dark humor and science, and will cheer for Isabelle as she falls just far enough to learn everything she can about the mysterious Templeton Rate.

At times a frighteningly dark, deceptive story while at others a heavy character study, MOLT is a 93,000-word work of mystery fiction.


MOLT is my first novel, which I self-published in 2009. So why did I self-publish? Initially, my writing of this novel was nothing more than a challenge to myself, to see if I could finish something of this length. Immediately upon completing my final edits, I self-published for no reason other than wanting to have the book sitting on my shelf. I was proud of it. Reflecting upon this, I know it was a poor decision to self-publish, since I cannot actively approach literary agencies for representation. Sadly, self-published works are typically avoided.

But I did get a very positive review of the novel in the Vancouver Sun, of which I am grateful. I’ve also received some wonderful reviews for the book on both Amazon and Goodreads.

MOLT is currently still available for purchase through some online retailers, in both paperback and e-book formats, but keep your eyes and ears and online sensory powers open for upcoming news regarding Molt.



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