The place to go to check out some of my writing.

MORE TIME (anthology of indie author short fiction, edited & self-published 2020)

MOLT (novel, 2009; second printing 2019)

THE INEVITABLE FALL OF TOMMY MUELLER (novel, self-published 2019)

THIS NEVER HAPPENED (novel, published 2017; second printing 2019)

TO BE HONEST (novel, self-published 2019)

LACUNA MISPLACED (short story, 2016)

THERE SHE WAS (short story, 2018)

THE GREAT RISE (short story, published 2019)

THE BUGBEAR (short story, 2019)

THE FIRST DEGREE (short story prompt, 2017)

SPLASH (short story prompt, 2017)


YOUR UNDERWEAR’S SHOWING (stage play, 2015)

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