A DEATHLY COMPROMISE, by Coral Rivera [2016]


R. Tim Morris’ Rating: 8/10

Did you know Death – the queen of the afterlife – has been working in a Portland hospital for the last few decades, spiriting away the souls of the dying? Well, it’s true. But Death – or Dee, as she likes to be called – has been growing restless, stuck in a holding pattern just waiting for the next great disaster to strike and claim the lives of millions. Billions even, if she’s lucky. I mean, how much fun can it be going from hospital bed to hospital bed just sucking out the last bit of wind from the elderly? Answer: not much, as it turns out.

But when a couple of young patients begin to challenge her perception of what it really means to be alive, Dee finds herself questioning the way things are done. Have the Fates and the Book of Fortune really had her best interests in mind all this time? Death asks, What about MY feelings?

This is a wonderful book with emotion across the spectrum. In fact, the entire novel evokes an ethereal-like feeling, which suits it perfectly. Dee is a fantastic new character while still remaining a classic one at the same time. Rivera’s voice is a good one, and is a great new addition to the world of fun, contemporary, fantasy fiction.

A DEATHLY COMPROMISE is Endever Publishing Studio’s debut release. Look for many more great Endever titles and authors coming in 2017!

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  1. Coral Rivera says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Ryan! 🙂

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