Just One Week!

One week to go before Endever Publishing’s literary debut! THESE GREAT AFFECTS by Andrew Toy is the first title to be released by the publishing studio, and as a bonus it includes a short story by yours truly, in my own literary debut. My story is called LACUNA MISPLACED and it explores the possibilities of a supernatural element being responsible for deciding whether relationships will end on either a sweet or sour note.
Pick up a copy of THESE GREAT AFFECTS on Amazon in one week on October 20th!


That’s right, after dozens of rewrites, hundreds of revisions, and lost sleep over stray commas, it’s finally here.

My YA novel, These Great Affects, comes out one week from today. It’s the story of a girl who meets a guy and falls in love with him . . . after he dies. Early reviews have been positive (I’ll post them on Facebook), so I hope it remains that way with all of you.

It’s a big day for Endever, being our first book release. I fully hope that you all will come around to buy it on Amazon. I want to throw out there too, that it opens up with a short story by the talented Ryan Morris, marking his publishing debut.

And that’s not all. One week after that, on October 27, we’ll be releasing our second novel, A Deathly Compromise, by Coral Rivera. It’s the story…

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