WE WERE LIARS, byby E. Lockhart [2014]

We Were Liars

R. Tim Morris’ Review: 5/10

** spoiler alert ** I blew through this one knowing full-well that there was some sort of super secret twisty ending to it all. And E. Lockhart does an admirable job at building her mystery, I’m just not certain she did a capable job at keeping the mystery a mystery. If that makes any sense. A few too many obvious clues is what I mean. And obvious clues are not so bad if the obvious twist was not the obvious one you were expecting, but that’s We Were Liars for you.
Reader beware! Beyond this point lies the spoilery/expletive-filled part of my review: I’m maybe half-way through the book and enjoying the build-up within when I start thinking, “Please don’t let this be a Sixth-Sense-I-See-And-Talk-To-Dead-People-Like-They’re-Still-My-Best-Friends-ending. Please no Oh-Shit-They’re-Ghosts! ending.” And then what happens? This is what happened: “Fuck,” I said. “They’re shitty fucking ghosts. Jesus E. Lockhart! You blew that one.”
This is still a great book and will justifiably be enjoyed by many (those who haven’t seen The Sixth Sense, maybe?). I mean, there’s some great teen-angsty moments in We Were Liars. It does however lack a bit real emotion from some of the characters, though you could argue that there’s really only one character emoting for three others. So I guess that could count as a free pass, but I’m still not going to be happy about it.
Lockhart writes good dialogue and there are some really great literary scenes but these are somehow cheapened by the ending. Still, enough for 5 stars from me.
Also, if you’ve just killed three people and two dogs but forgot about it because you hit your head on a rock or something, shouldn’t you still get in some amount of trouble? Even if not in your family (who know about it) but at least still legally? I don’t know. Maybe I’m not familiar enough with the American justice system.

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