So This Happened

Okay, it’s done. A few months past my personal deadline but I’ve completed the first draft of my manuscript for my third novel. Clocking at 19 chapters and ~95,000 words, THIS NEVER HAPPENED has finally happened. Next up is the editing stage, but with my style of writing (editing as I go) this won’t take very long.

Editing for me is proofreading, fixing some minor grammar, tweaking some dialogue, moving ideas around from chapter to chapter until it just feels right. I don’t recommend editing as you write since it’s the best way to slow down the creative process, but I’m stubborn and it ain’t worth fixing at this point.

I’m in love with some of my characters and there are definitely some favorite scenes and chapters, but I’ll share more of this in a future post.

After the editing comes writing a query letter and the hunt for literary agents, which might just be more daunting than writing a 300-page novel.


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