WORST. PERSON. EVER. [2013], by Douglas Coupland

Worst. Person. Ever.

R. Tim Morris’ Rating: 7/10

While there’s not too much of a story to speak of here (ie: plot, acts, character arcs), this was an extremely enjoyable book from one of my favorite authors.

As the back of the book reads:
This novel contains much talk of bodily functions, improbable sexual content, violent death, nuclear crisis and elaborately inventive profanity: Viewer Discretion is Advised.”
And the warning is definitely not kidding. This is a much different Douglas Coupland than we’re used to seeing/reading, without any true social commentary or any attempt whatsoever at achieving literary glory. But you can tell he’s having FUN. And that’s the point of it. There’s nothing to think about aside from how ridiculous the tale is. Our hapless protagonist – Raymond Gunt – lives through an endless stream of bad luck, but as the title implies, we’re not really rooting for Raymond anyway. It’s absurdly enjoyable to be witness to so much misfortune being dumped upon one individual.

Worst. Person. Ever. is crude, crass, vile, insulting, obnoxious and offensive. But it’s also funny. Very, very funny. If you can find laughter in reading 3+ pages of description of the incredibly obese man on the airplane then this book is for you. If you can find humor in Raymond’s endless but futile hunt for sex then this is for you. If you enjoyed Coupland’sJPod” but thought he simply wasn’t offending you enough then I’d definitely recommend this book. Just don’t leave it out on the table when your in-laws come over.

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